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Mothership Fund is a Luxembourg-based Alternative Investment Fund using hedging strategies. It is formed by the General Partner, that is New Horizons Asset Management Sàrl (which operates as an Alternative Investment Funds Manager), and a group of so-called Limited Partners, who are our investors.

The Mothership Fund invests exclusively in the public equity and options markets, on all trading floors of the world, but primarily in the US and China.


Our mission

It is our belief that in the current stock market world, dominated on the one hand by passive index funds and on the other by algorithms, artificial intelligence and high-frequency trading, there is still a place for a true, classic hedge fund managed not by robots and a set of rigid rules, but by real-life people with their subjective perception of the world, the economy and individual sectors of the economy or individual companies.

The Mothership Fund was created to prove that humans still have a chance against machines and are capable of regularly beating the benchmark over many years, gaining an undisputable advantage over passive investment and over most algorithmic funds you can find today on the global stock markets.

Our managers

The Mothership Fund is currently operated by three different managing directors.

tomasz trela

Tomasz Trela

Category-A Manager

Responsible for business and investment decisions

He has several years of investment experience on trading floors in the USA and Hong Kong. Expert in hedging strategies and the derivatives market. In 2013, he launched his own consulting business in Poland, and for the next three years he ran an international consulting firm in Dubai, Blackhorse Middle East Solutions Limited, which successfully helped its clients manage multi-million dollar portfolios. He worked for one of Polish brokerage houses for which he designed a unique proprietary investment program called "Prometheus". He is the founder and CEO of an American private equity fund operating worldwide under the brand name Dog Eat Dog Venture Capital LLC and a Managing Director of the Hudson Hill investment group based in London.

paweł kondrat

Paweł Kondrat

Category-B Manager

In charge of operational and investment activities

A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. Associated with the capital market for seven years. He gained experience in risk management and asset management departments of two leading Polish investment funds. For over three years he worked with venture capital and private equity funds, as well as with one of the first search funds in Poland.

david luksenburg

David Luksenburg

Category-C Manager

Responsible for compliance and AML procedures

He has been involved in the European capital market for almost twenty years. At the beginning of his career he worked for BNP Paribas Luxembourg and ING Luxembourg. In 2013, he founded and became the general partner at Atdomco Sàrl, a company specialising in advisory services and investment fund administration in Luxembourg. More than 150 customers from 19 countries benefit from Atdomco's services today. David's firm also handles accounting and corporate affairs for New Horizons Asset Management Sàrl.

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If you want to talk to one of our managers, please get in touch with us.

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How we

The investment objective of Mothership Fund is to multiply client wealth and build long-term value for investors.

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We aim to achieve this by delivering over the long term (above five years) an average annual performance better than that of the market as a whole but maintaining similar or lower volatility.

We can promise that we will do our best to achieve this goal, but obviously, we are not able to fully guarantee any fixed or minimum level of income due to the volatile nature of the markets.

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What do we invest in?

The fund's main objective is to invest in growing US and Chinese companies that have above-average prospects for further growth in their respective sectors. The industries the fund focuses on include: online services and trading, online finance, cloud computing SaaS, e-sports, semiconductors, biotechnology, robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, data processing, electric cars or new forms of communication.

The fund's ironclad principle is diversification and generating the lowest possible risk with the highest possible returns.

In our approach, we focus on long-term investments with a horizon exceeding 2-3 years.

How do we choose companies?

  • As part of the fundamental analysis, first of all we examine the financial stability and foundations of the business, audit the financial statements and cash flows, and decompose the activities, products on offer and the composition of the management board. As a result, we are able to identify those industries and sector participants with above-average growth potential for the future.
  • To evaluate a company we use our proprietary scoring model QISM (Quantamental Idiosyncratic Scoring Model), which allows for objective comparison and valuation of fundamental aspects of a company, such as its profitability level, debt and liquidity status, efficiency of generated returns or current valuation.
  • An equally important is qualitative analysis. As part of it, we therefore seek to assess the company's management, its past decisions, achievements and prospects. Looking into business, we want to find out where the brand's competitive advantage lies and why consumers buy the product and why they should buy it in the future.
  • In the course of researching the soft side of a company, we sometimes use the help of local experts, as well as commercial analytical reports, but most often we rely on conducting the so-called OSINT (open-source intelligence), i.e. business intelligence based on open sources. Information gathered, acquired or purchased in this way is analysed and compiled to draw conclusions on the basis of which actual investments are made.
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Use of derivatives

At Mothership Fund we also make extensive use of options, which are applied to two key plans:


Short Volatility

as a bet on the decline in implied volatility which involves simultaneously writing CALL and PUT options on an instrument. The idea behind simultaneously betting on the decline and increase of IV is statistical observation stating that in the majority of cases, the implied volatility (expected by investors) is higher than subsequent actual IV in the market.


Buying and selling shares

the second move we frequently make is to buy or sell shares by writing the whole series of PUT and CALL options. This generates additional premiums and averages the purchase price of the stock downwards or averages the sale price upwards.

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Both strategies are used to generate additional premiums that translate into a 3-4 percentage point improvement in the average annual return, the cash from which is primarily used to cover the cost of maintaining the fund.

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We are eager to work with long-term-minded investors who have a clear vision of what and why they want to accomplish in the next decade.

We are eager to work with long-term-minded investors who have a clear vision of what and why they want to accomplish in the next decade.

We would like you to treat our fund not as a speculative vehicle but as a compounding machine, which means that the longer you stay with us, the higher the potential gains you can expect over time.

Otherwise, you may be disappointed, especially if you anticipate extraordinary results in a 1-2 year horizon. In such a short period, most of the outcomes are often purely random. All investments in life need time and patience to bring fruits. The same is very true in the harsh stock market environment.

Terms & Conditions

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Settlement currency

The Fund's sole settlement currency will be the Euro, in which NAV calculations and settlements of share issues and redemptions are made.

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Investment amount

The minimum investment amount is EUR 50,000. There is no exception to that rule.

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Freezing of investments

Withdrawal from the fund is possible not earlier than after a full two years from the date of joining.

Fees and costs:

The fund participation fee takes the most typical form among global hedge funds and is composed of three independent parts (the so-called 1/2/20 formula):


One-off fee

All cash contributions below 200 000 EUR threshold made to the fund in exchange for new shares are subject to a one-off administration fee of 1% of the total investment. This fee is intended to cover the costs of acquiring and handling the process of accepting an investor and issuing his shares and is paid either directly to the General Partner's account or to the Fund's account.


Fixed remuneration

The Fund will charge 2% of the value of assets under management (minimum €50,000) annually. The fixed management fee will be charged in order to, among other things, cover the fund's administrative costs, maintain the organizational structure, pay for the accounting firm, access to tools or information services.


for performance

The fund will charge a success fee, which is 20% of the increase in the net asset value above the last historical highest valuation. The so-called high-water mark rule is applied here to protect the investor from being charged the same success fee twice in case of large NAV fluctuations.

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Mothership Fund is operated
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