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Currently, our primary goal is to run the first-rate, classic old-school hedge fund that we have named the Mothership Fund. It invests exclusively in the public equity and options markets on all trading floors of the world, but primarily in the US and China.

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We believe that in the current stock market world, dominated by passive index funds, there is still a place for this kind of fund – managed by real-life people with their subjective perceptions of the world, the economy, and individual sectors or companies.

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On the other hand, we are actively looking into the possibilities of incorporating machine learning or artificial intelligence technology into our decision-making process. We believe that we can create an algorithmic fund that captures the basic observations about the stock market and turn it into a viable, semi-automatic strategy that surpasses the benchmark.

Stay tuned because you will soon be introduced to the Ulysses Fund.

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Please be aware that our asset management services are offered only on the territory of Grand Dutch of Luxembourg

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Please be aware that our research and education services are currently offered exclusively to our clients.

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