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Besides managing our fund, we also focus on delivering the educational value of our work by providing free research, insights, and commentary that summarize our exploration of the stock market.

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We conduct many back tests and quantitative or fundamental studies that often result in surprising conclusions about the behavior of the market itself or that of other investors. It can truly transform our thinking about the whole investing process.

We think that these eye-openers should not be hidden from public view. The problem is it is often difficult to fully understand some assumptions and embrace the results if you don’t have a basic knowledge of how the stock market works. That is our main driving force to create a free-for-all knowledge base about topics such as asset analysis and valuation or portfolio building and risk management. There are tons of books about those subjects, but very few of them are written by practicians with real-world experience in the stock market.

We believe that the individual investors eager to gain knowledge don’t need another academic study or theoretical perspective, and they might be interested in more realistic approaches and concepts helping them to understand the beautiful world of investments.

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Please be aware that our asset management services are offered only on the territory of Grand Dutch of Luxembourg

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Please be aware that our research and education services are currently offered exclusively to our clients.

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